Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggles Reviews

Sports shooters, hunters use the sniper rifles to shoot out targets at a far off distance and the security personnel often have a sniper gun with them for extra security and safety. The sniper rifles are useless without a perfect riflescope or Goggles. Armasight Goggles are very useful to see animals at night.

At night, Night Vision Goggles are necessary for sniper rifles so that you can, aim for a long range shoot. There are many advantages that you can get by utilizing an optically and electronically prepared Goggles. The digital night vision has many benefits over the conventional intensifier tubes.

The price of the digital night vision is lower as compared to other conventional intensifiers. Night vision technology is a significant advancement in the field of optics. Experts use the Night Vision tech to see clearly at night. The sharp shooters use the night vision to aim the targets and shoot them at night.

Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggles Features

Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggle is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Armasight Goggle is a one of the best in our Product Type List.

Battery Life

The digital night vision devices incorporate rechargeable batteries. The batteries are very useful in keeping up a bright picture. These cells and batteries have made it possible to operate the digital devices without any external output. Longer battery life allows the users to run the Goggles for a longer period.

Armasight Night Vision Goggle has longer battery life. You can also use the AA batteries to operate the device. I recommend the users to purchase this device as it has a longer battery life. The battery indicator also indicates when the battery is low and needs recharging.


One of the principal characteristics of the Goggles is that they should be easily mountable. They should have such design and model that they can easily fix on the heads without any difficulty. Mostly Goggles have certain types of straps that help them to mount quickly on the head.
Armasight Night Vision Goggles

Wearing Goggles onto the head makes it easier to spot the target and shoot at the same time with accuracy and precision. This Goggle comes in standard head size. Commonly all people can easily wear it by adjusting the straps properly.


People mostly confuse between focusing power and the magnification power of the lens. The focusing strength of the lens only makes the image clearer while the magnification power not only makes the image clearer but it also makes it bigger and much visible.

Vega Night Vision Goggles

Magnification power helps you to aim down the target quickly and with full precision. I recommend the users to buy the Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggles, which requires a higher magnification power. The Goggle has a higher magnifying power, and a large objective lens captures a wider view. You can see pretty much around your target.

Grip and Durability

The grip and durability of monocular and Goggle are the essential things that you need to observe while buying. Many people purchase the Goggles without checking its strength and firmness, which makes it difficult to handle, and it may crack open on a minor fall. But Armasight Vega is much durable and is made up of sturdy material. Moreover, it fits into the hands properly.

The grip is also firmer. There are many advantages that you can avail by buying it. Mostly the army personnel uses it for a better view in the night time.

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Light Weight

The buyers tend to purchase the rifle scopes that are lighter in weight. The light weight of the Goggles makes it easy to carry them. Users don’t want to carry extra weight while they are going for hunting or shooting practices. Moreover, the soldiers that tend to patrol at night time at night take the Goggles with themselves.
Night Vision Goggles

So it is necessary that the Goggles are lighter in weight and have the best magnification power so that they can shoot quickly at night time. There are many advantages of carrying a lightweight Goggles with yourself. Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggle is one of the lightweight night vision devices available in the markets. I recommend the users to buy this device because of it’s extremely light in weight and doesn’t feel a burden while you carry it with you.

Pros :

  • It has a great field view.
  • People use it with open sights.
  • It has an easy to grip design.
  • It uses AA batteries that are cheaper and safer.
  • You can see even in the dark midnight.
  • Obtain brighter and clearer image in the dark.
  • You can wear the Goggles quickly either on the left or your right eye.

Cons :

  • The Goggles cannot work in complete darkness it is tough to see it there is no moonlight.
  • The package does not include the AA batteries.
  • The Goggles might not be fit for personnel with smaller heads.

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Frequently Asked Question’s

Q: Is there zoom option or only focus?
A: The Armasight Vega Goggle has no zoom capacity; it only focuses the image. People confuse between the focus and zoom function of the optical instrument. You can see clearly at a distance of 10-20 feet.

Q: What is the battery timing?
A: The battery timing matters the most, the average battery timing using the AA batteries is around 3 hours while you are using it continuously. It’s better to use the lithium batteries, but you can also utilize the rechargeable cells too.

Q: Can leave handed and left eye dominant person to use the Armasight Night Vision Goggles?
A: Yes, of course. It has rubber eyepiece. As it is constructed using the rubber material, it can be rotated easily. Both left handed, and right handed people can use it. The rubber eyepiece is flexible and is turned either left or right.

Final Verdict

I recommend the buyers to purchase this Goggles. It has many unique features and is very useful while you are on a night patrol, has several advantages, for example, it is durable, sturdy and has a longer lifespan. It is not only easy to use but is also made up of the finest material. Before buying any night vision device, you need to consider the best available models because they fit every person’s need.

You can use the Armasight Night Vision Goggles during the dawn and dusk conditions, as well as in low lighting conditions. The straps can be used to adjust it either on your right eye or your left eye. The army personnel and security related person mostly buy it.

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