How To Choose A Scope

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​Now that you spent quite some money acquiring the best rifle on the market for target shooting or hunting, the next thing that you be top on your list is a rifle scope. A quality rifle with no scope mounted on it is still not enough because you cannot depend on your naked vision when you are shooting or hunting. Having the right rifle scope can make a difference in how you view your target.

​The best rifle scopes on the market should provide you with precision provide better scores and also offer you a better feeling when you are aiming at your target. With an improved vision, it will always be easy for you to improve your performance when you want to hit your target.

​Purchasing a rifle scope is not always easy as you might think. There are different products on the market designed with different features to serve the needs of any customer. I know you do not want to end up with a frustrating rifle scope. You want the best scope that will give you the best vision regardless of the weather condition so that you can aim at your targets right.

​If you are considering buying your first rifle scope or replacing your old model with a high end one, please read this buyers guide. I have provided you with important information that you need to know when you are buying the best rifle scope.

​If you put these important considerations in mind, trust me, you will end up with a high performance rifle scope that will make your outdoor experiences the best.

choose a scope

​Things To Consider To Choose A Scope

​Selecting the right scope online can be a daunting task. The products seem to have similar features, and this makes it confusing for the buyer. In this guide, am providing you with important things that you should check before making your final decision. This will help you choose the most favorable rifle scope to suit your needs.


​The first question that you should ask yourself when purchasing a rifle scope is what you intend to use it for. Are you looking for a general purpose scope or do you want to have a specific rifle scope for shooting?

​It is important to note that rifle scopes are available in three main categories. They include hunting scopes, tactical scopes and bench rest and long range scopes.

Hunting scopes are the most popular types of scopes that many hunters use. These types of scopes are not designed with target style adjustable turrets and so the hunter does not have time to adjust the scope once an animal is spotted.

Tactical scopes are common with tactical firearm enthusiast. The scopes feature adjustable turrets in both fixed and variable power.

​The last category of scopes is majorly used in long range shooting, and they are available in both variable and fixed power. These types of scopes also have the largest objective lens as compared to the other models.

Use Of Rifle Scope

​Your Budget

​How much money do you want to spend when buying a rifle scope? Determining your budget is also another important consideration to make when you are looking for the best rifle scope. The truth is, it can be difficult to find the best scope in your price range. You need to be a little flexible when it comes to the price so that you can get a good model.

​Of course, you do not want to buy a cheap model and compromise on the performance. There are affordable rifle scopes that offer an exemplary performance and also high end models that carry a hefty price tag. Choose your budget limit and then look for a product that matches your budget requirements.

​The Optical Power

​Another important thing that you cannot forget when buying a rifle scope is the magnification you require. The type of magnification you select will also go hand in hand with whether you have a fixed or variable power scope. The table below will help you understand the magnification you need depending on the type of rifle scope that you have.


Fixed Power

Variable Power

Hunting Scope



Tactical Scope



Bench Rest/Long Range Scope



​Diameter of the Objective Lens

​After settling for the magnification you want in your rifle scope, the next thing you need to determine is the size of the objective lens. An objective lens is an important part in a scope that transmits ambient light so that you can get a better focus on the object.

​They come in different sizes ranging from one brand to the other. The larger the size of the objective lens, the more light will pass through hence providing a brighter and clear image. A larger object lens also comes with its drawback as compared to a small one. This is because it will be bulkier and hence end up affecting the balance of the scope.

Diameter of the Objective Lens


​The choice of a reticle is another important thing to consider especially if you are a long range shooter. There are different types of reticles that are available out there. Some of them include Duplex reticle, mildot reticle and BDC reticle.

​All these types of reticles provide a better performance, and you need is one with harsh marks or single dots that are spread horizontally and vertically.

​Quality of Lenses

​The quality of glass or lens is another important thing that you should consider when you are buying a rifle scope. How are going to determine the quality of the lens? Well, one important thing that will help you determine whether a specific scope has quality lenses is the light transmission. A good rifle scope should provide you with crystal clear images regardless of the magnification.

​Fogproof Construction

​The weather keeps changing from time to time. If you have a rifle scope that is not fogproof, you might not get a better vision when there is fog. It is important if you consider a rifle scope with a fogproof construction so that it will be easy for you to use it regardless o the weather condition and still get a perfect vision for your targets.

​The Body of the Rifle Scope

​You should also have a look at the general construction of the scope. You want a high quality product designed with durable materials so that you can enjoy a long lasting performance. Some of the most durable material that is used to construct rifle scopes is aircraft grade aluminum.

​The most durable scopes feature a one-piece design, and this enhances its durability as well as the precision of the optics.

body of the rifle scope

​Battery and Battery Life

​You also need to check the type of batteries that your optic will require. Alternatively, you can find a scope with illuminated reticle so no need of using batteries. Other entirely depends on battery-powered reticle to function. If your scope requires a battery, look for the best and consider the lifespan of the battery too.


​I’m the kind of person who loves shopping by brand. I prefer buying products from high quality and recognized brands. There are many brands currently producing rifle scopes. It is important if you consider the type of brand to go if you want a product that will serve you for many years. Some of the highly recognized rifle scope brands include Nikon, Leopold and Vortex just to mention a few of them.


​Another important thing that many people overlook when buying a rifle scope is the warranty. It is important if you get a rifle scope carrying a good warranty. It is good to ensure that your product is well covered so that you can get a better value for your purchase. The period of warranty may vary from one brand to the other, so it is up to you to look for the best scope that meets your needs.

​Other Considerations

  • Coated lenses
  • The eye relief
  • ​The parallax
  • ​Consider the focal plane
  • Consider the main tubes
  • Check out the adjustment ranges

​Final Words

​Buying a rifle scope doesn’t necessary need to be a hard job especially if you know what you are looking for. Many people end up making the wrong choices because of lack of information about important things to check before making a purchase.

​After going through this guide, I believe it will be now easy for you to select the best rifle scope out there. As a smart buyer, it is important for you to evaluate all the available options so that you can get the best rifle scope to suit your needs.

​With all those important considerations in mind, be sure of getting a very personalized rifle scope that will provide an exemplary performance out there.

​Whether you are hunting or shooting, you can be sure of getting accuracy every time you are aiming on your object. The best rifle scope should provide you with the best vision under all weather condition for the most accurate shots.

How To Choose A Scope
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