How To Clean A Rifle Scope

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Let's in our topic. Today we will discuss on how to clean a rifle scope which is mandatory for getting long service from a scope.

You walk into your favorite gun store; you happen to land on your exact type of gun, plus the most appropriate rifle scope to complement your shooting accuracy and precision. That sounds great and awesome.

But regardless of how expensive or most advanced, your complete gun is, the fact remains, if you don't know how to take care of your rifle scope, your chances of hitting your targets can be compromised, when you are in dire need of that serious, objective shot.

So how do you ensure your rifle scope is taken care of for the best performance? Cleaning your rifle scope is as important as getting a quality one. Most gun owners keep using their guns, some failing to hit accurately targets, without knowing the gun lenses are part and parcel of the high performance of a rifle scope.

A rifle scope happens to bring that great definition, courtesy of their multi-coated lenses. Modern, technologically advanced rifle scopes are emphasized to compliment satisfactory gun performance, through concentration to detail with clarity.

Therefore, the rifle scope lenses are designed to allow the high light transmission to your rifle scope for quality vision. But they are not likely to offer you maximized top most visualization, precision, and sharpness if you don't maintain them well.

It is important to note, if you keep regularly checking your rifle scope lenses for that long-awaited cleaning, you are likely to be a step ahead in prolonging the lifespan of your lenses too.

So how do you exactly stay ahead of your shooting setbacks in cleaning your rifle scope? I take you through a very intriguing examination on how to best subject your rifle scope, through the most performance enhancing cleanup.

Clean A Rifle Scope

Things To Consider When Cleaning A Rifle Scope

Most of us like buying a gun that not only epitomizes its performance but also gives us shots that don't miss our most anticipated target marks.

An unclean rifle scope is likely to be compromised by dirt and dust on it, more especially when the lighting around is dim or foggy, including at even dawn and dusk.

You are likely to be fast in capitalizing the brightness for a clear view, for your rifle scope to deliver you that glance you most need. There are many postulated ways of cleaning the rifle scopes, by I take you through very simple steps.

Be keen to take into account the following golden beneficial points, for a careful and keen rifle scope cleanup. Remember, cleaning your rifle scope eliminates chances of your rifle scope multi-coated lenses, getting damaged too.

Dust Off

Begin first by soft dusting off the dirt, and even sometimes, those minute particles collected around your rifle scope. You can use the lens brush. Clean your gun first; this will eliminate chances of more dust collecting on your lenses when you proceed to clean them up.

Avoid using your cloth, rags or even wet stuff. This is because they could leave your lenses dirtier or almost permanently blurred, and for the worst, replaceable. These are extra costs you don't need to incur.

After that, proceed to carefully dust off the dirt or dust collected on your lens glass surface. Be keen to use a soft bristle brush while doing this, because you might end up scratching your lenses.

To achieve superb cleaning at this point, don't forget your soft brush fibers need to be free of oil, greasy substances and any other dirt too.

The brush should be recommended for lens cleaning. Always keep your brush again cleaned and well stored dry, to avoid lens contamination, in your next cleaning.

Dust off a rifle scope

Stain And Thumbprint Removal

It's no doubt, sometimes as you go passionately using your gun, you mistakenly and most of the time, unnoticing, we touch the rifle scope lenses. This leaves the blurred vision to lenses.

To best clean them off without damaging your lens, use a soft, dense microfiber cloth. Look out for those that don't contain chemicals. This is because some chemicals can be very aggressive on the lens, causing further damage to them.

Microfiber cloths are safe to use and can be swept on the gun lens, without introducing any scratches on the lens. They also are thinner for that close and dedicated cleanup of your lenses.

This will ensure you do away with fingerprint impressions on the lens. A dense fabric will be keen to avoid spreading all over again the small particles on your lenses.

This microfiber cloth come with triangular fiber shapes, for cleaning, not characterized to sponges or any other regular wipers that do more messing on your lens.

Persistent Stains Removal

In case you come across those resistant spots on your lenses, use anti-fog lens cleaning and lens cleaning tissues to eliminate them, precisely to achieve that perfect cleanup. Don't be tempted to use fabric softeners or bleaches

Put a few drops of lens-Brite anti-fog liquid lens cleaner into the squeezing tissue. This anti-fog liquid cleaner has been designed to superbly do away with the aftermath of condensation on the lens surfaces and possible effects on the lens, as a result of switching different climatic conditions.

Ensure you use recommended quality lens cleaning tissues. The lens-Brite is one of the most approved cleaning liquids, specifically designed to do this job, so you don't have to worry about scientific approval testing, in cleaning lenses, for this cleaner.

After that, start from the middle of the lens, cleaning of the outside by carefully and softly, making a circular motion, to avoid spreading all over again the resistant spots, back into other parts of your rifle scope lenses.

Clean rifle scope

Eliminate Residual Fluids

Proceed to use a dry gob that comes with the cleaning tissue, to remove any fluid that might still be remaining on the surfaces of your lenses.

​Remember, if you still realize that the lenses have not achieved that exquisite look-through vision, repeat this process, but not so aggressively, for that clarity that is much-needed in your lenses.

​It is important too to understand, if you use anti-fog lens cleaners, they are made to dry up within the shortest of the time. This means, you are likely to come across remains of dried up on your lens surface before you do your drying.

​So, do not respond quickly to do drying of the lens, or leave the lens for some time, to avoid making the lens dirtier and do the whole cleanup again, for that ultimate result.

​Recheck And Polish

​Don't be too quick to think the job could be done, check again once or twice to ensure your lenses are clean to the expectation. During your cleaning, there could be chances of even those smallest of the particles trapped into your cloth or even the polishing cloth. This could end up scraping the lens surfaces, causing further harm to them.

​So, do your polishing using a clean, keenly checked polishing cloth. Ensure you store your cloth, in the after you are done, in a clean, dry place to avoid collecting more dirt. This will ensure when next you need it the polishing cloth, it is clean.

​This is also absolutely important, because, the lenses are very delicate and need sensitive, careful handling to maintain that outmatching clarity and deliver that amazing vision for a clear and accurate shot.

How To Clean A Rifle Scope(Infographic)

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​Other Lens Types

​If you happen to have a gun whose lens are run by batteries for best illumination, it is prudent you to check Len's terminals, if they have collected dust. You can use a pencil eraser to clean them up, to ensure your lenses retain the ability to give a clear vision.

​Final Words

​Lens maintenance should be a routine. Check regularly before and after storage of your gun, if any cleanup is necessary. To minimize extra costs of maintenance and wastage of time, clean your lenses with utmost care.

​Avoid using other non-recommended cleaning agents for your lenses or even cloths, don't use even regular tissues too. Wash your cleaning cloth before and after storage, before you go ahead to carry out your rifle scope cleaning.

​When you are out there, moving around in dusty places, cover your lenses using lens covers, which normally come with the rifle, to maintain lenses clean.

Cleaning a rifle scope should be much easier with this approach. Don't forget to clean the whole gun too, to minimize chances of more dust collecting next to your lenses. A clean gun too compliments ability of your lenses staying clean.

​This will also go a long way in sustaining durability and expected performance of your rifle scope, during your shooting engagements. You are likely to stand a better chance of realizing clarity of your lenses, and maximize their reliability, more especially when you need their service most.

​Don't invest in lower quality rifle scope cleaning tools as this could jeopardize your cleaning exercise. You will find this resourceful towards ensuring you achieve not only a cautious care of your lens but also those disappointing moments of missing to get that accurate shot, just because you can't see through your rifle scope lenses clearly.

How To Clean A Rifle Scope
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