Polaris Explorer 12X50 Monocular Reviews

The wildlife experts require the best optics for the wildlife shooting. They need cameras and various optical instrument to carry out their research. The hunters and wildlife photographers need top class professional cameras that can work correctly in the daylight and as well as in the night. Polaris Monocular is one of the most popular monoculars which works well in daylight.

Monocular is perhaps an important optical instrument that the hunters require to take pictures of the birds, and close up views of insects and other animals. A Monocular is smaller than a telescope but is the equal half of the binocular. It is lightweight, and users can carry it easily.

The Polaris Explorer 12X50 Monocular is one of the best monocular available in the markets. It has a clear and bright range of view. Can be focused using a single hand. The photographers widely use it for bird watching. There are certain unique features of that Monocular, which makes it perfect for wildlife shooting.

Polaris Explorer 12X50 Monocular Features

Following are some unique features of Polaris 12X50 Monocular, making it a standout amongst all the products in the market.

Clearer and Brighter Image

The wildlife photographers opt of the binoculars and monocular that can produce a brighter and clearer image. The brighter the image better are the details visible, and they can easily study the animals in detail.

Explorer 12X50 Monocular

The wildlife researchers always buy the monocular that can help them to get clear images of the birds and animals so that they can learn in detail about them. Polaris Explorer 12X50 is one of the monocular that will fit every wildlife researcher’s needs and requirements.

External Armor and Tripod

The external coating and cover matter a lot. Hardcover saves the binoculars and monocular from breaking or damaging the internal parts like lenses or eyepieces. Through hard coverings and coatings, the monocular can survive a minor fall, without breaking any part, or damaging the internal system.

Polaris Explorer has a very firm external Armor. It makes it durable and sturdy. Moreover, a tripod is offered along with the package. The tripod can help you to secure the monocular in one place.

Fog Proof and Waterproof

One of the best advantages of the this Monocular is that it is water and fog proof. The waterproof ability is very useful. The researchers can use it under water, to observe different animals. Despite the presence of water, the image is bright and vibrant.

Polaris Explorer Monocular

Many people use Polaris Explorer 12X50  especially in foggy regions to avoid any fogs developing on the lenses. Certain monocular doesn’t work well in the midst. As soon as the fog sets in the view become dull and vague. The fog proof ability makes it accessible in the market.

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Objective lens

Objective lenses play a vital role in developing a perfect image for the viewer. These are very useful in producing the image with all of its details. Monocular should have durable and optically corrected objective lenses. The objective lenses primarily reflect the image, and hence it plays a primary role in making up a clear picture.

Polaris Explorer

Polaris Explorer has one of the best objective lenses. It is one of the reasons that people opt for Polaris products.

Grip and Durability

The grip and durability of binoculars and monocular are the essential things that you need to observe while buying. Many people purchase the monocular without checking its strength and firmness, which makes it difficult to handle, and it may crack open on a minor fall.

But This monocular is much durable and is made up of sturdy material. Moreover, it fits into the hands properly. The grip is also firmer. I recommend the wildlife photographers to opt for Polaris Explorer 12X50 Monocular for the best distance viewing experience. There are many advantages that you can avail by buying it.

Pros :

  • Provides enough light to enter the lens
  • It has a great field view.
  • It has high magnification power and focusing capacity.
  • You can use the tripod to lessen image distortion.
  • Quick focus the image using the focus ring.
  • You can control the focus ring through your thumb
  • People use it with open sights.

Cons :

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Frequently Asked Question’s

Q: What’s the power of the Objective lens, and does it use batteries?
A: The first thing that you must check before buying any binoculars or monocular is that you must inquire about the power of its lens. The lens power of Polaris Explorer is 12, with a 50 mm objective lens. It is a pure optical instrument; it uses no batteries, electrons or photons.

Q: Is there zoom option or only focus?
A: The Polaris 12X50 Monocular has no zoom capacity; it only focuses the image. People confuse between the focus and zoom function of the optical instrument.

Q: Can you see correctly at a distance of 10 -20 feet?
A: Yes, while using the Polaris Explorer 12X50, you can see the birds clearly. You can clearly see the beak, face, colors and all the small details are visible. Even when you are watching little birds, all the details are clearly visible and focus view also very helpful.

Final Verdict

I recommend the users to buy the Polaris Explorer 12X50 if you are going out for distance viewing than this is the best choice for you. It provides hunters a great chance to watch the birds and other animals from a distance for its bright range of view.

It has much clarity during the day time and can help you to take perfect images in the bright daylight. The Polaris Explorer 12X50 can withstand any temperature and any weather condition. Above all, it is fog proof, even in fogged areas you can watch the wildlife without any difficulty. There are many advantages that you can avail by buying this Monocular. But before buying it, you must observe all the package details of a scope.

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Polaris Explorer 12X50 Monocular Reviews
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